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Friday, April 6, 2012


I am finally to the point with my first set of art pieces to add embellishments. I feel that I want the embellishment(s) to be somewhat funny. For example, one of the art pieces is a photo of Avalon yawning. My idea for a funny embellishment for this art piece was to give her a tongue ring.
However, I am having trouble finding ideas and inspiration for my other art pieces. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how find inspiration and ideas to embellish my current and future art pieces?
Honestly, I may change my mind about wanting the embellishments to be funny someday or at some point, so advice on embellishments used to enhance the art piece (with or without any sort of theme) would be very helpful regardless.
I'm sure seeing the art pieces so far would be helpful in coming up with suggestions, but I was wanting to only display my finished pieces on my blog at this point. Although I'd be willing to take and post photos of the art so far if it really would be needed that much.
If anyone has ideas or has time to help me out I would really appreciate it :).
Hope everyone is having a great Good Friday!
Happy Easter!

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